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What is a Community Foundation?

A Community Foundation is a publicly supported tax exempt organization that makes grants for social, educational, religious, or other charitable purposes in a specific community or region. Community Foundations typically take on four fundamental roles. They are:

  • Builders and stewards of community resources;
  • Grantmakers;
  • A resource and service provider for donors or potential donors; and
  • Collaborators and conveners in their community who work to strengthen the region’s resources. At the present time we are collaborating with a variety of partners to prevent duplication of services.

Accomplishments to Date

The Foundation has catalyzed a local group on Bequia called Action Bequia. Based on a concept developed by the Foundation several years ago, this independent local community action group has developed a multitude of projects to improve the lives of residents on Bequia. Potential funders and interested individuals are encouraged to visit their website to learn more about them and see how to get involved. In addition the Foundation was the primary fundraiser for the recycling program currently being implemented successfully by Action Bequia on Bequia. Since its founding in 2010 the Foundation, using Action Bequia as its fiscal and administrative agent, has raised and passed through in excess of US$360,000 for local programs on Bequia. These include The Learning Center, The Sunshine School and a multitude of other projects and programs.

The Foundation is currently working closely with The Grenadines Initiative to design and fund a variety of critical and innovative programs in Saint Vincent and throughout the Grenadines.


The SVG Community Foundation is governed by board members who serve short terms, receive no compensation and constitute a broad representation of the community's interests.

For donor tax purposes the SVG Community Foundation has been incorporated in the United States of America.

Why Does SVG Need A Foundation?

Historically, the Caribbean has lacked adequate funding and a sufficient service delivery infrastructure to address the key social and economic problems that confront the region. These problems are similar to the issues that affect most developing countries and include, but are not limited to, a rising HIV rate, inadequate education, a high poverty rate, and economic fragility. The Foundation provides a vehicle through which donors who care about the island can channel their community interests.


Funds for the SVG Community Foundation will be derived from many donor sources.

There will be opportunities provided to set up donor-advised funds that will be focused on special programs and initiatives of the donors' choosing.

How Can you Help?

Interested funders who reside in the US are encouraged to use the Foundation's non profit status to make donations to SVG projects.

And you can also help by making any purchases you make on Amazon through our AmazonSmile account. All you have to do is enter Amazon through our special CFSVG AmazonSmile link here, sign into Amazon as usual, and Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to Community Foundation For St Vincent And The Grenadines Inc.

To become involved in the Foundation as a donor please contact Board Member and Chair of the Fundraising Committee, Felicity Harley:

Board of Directors, Community Foundation for SVG

President - Felicity Harley, Retired non profit administrator and consultant
Vice President - Alexandra Hall, Harley & Company
Vice President - Karen Hinds, WorkPlaceSuccess LLC
Secretary - Lucille Cozier, Action Bequia
Treasurer - Anne Roy, Carney, Roy and Gerrol, PC

Christine Anderson, Grenadines Partnership Initiative
Serena Koven Arnett, Koven Family Foundation
John Meyers, Panagora Group DC
Richard Molten, Retired Board Member, Grenadines Partnership Initiative
Dion Paul, Program Manager, Google
Denis Seynhaeve, Entrepreneur

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